To the 75th anniversary of Alexandr P. RASNITSYN

Our greetings

Our dear San Palych!
Let us all, on the occasion of your glorious anniversary, raise a smaaall glass, but with grrreat feeling – fortunately, thanks to high technologies of today, even the Atlantic, separating us at the moment, cannot prevent it.
Looking at you any person, no matter how perfectly democratic his principles are (just like your own), clearly sees the benefits of enlightened monarchy – which you personify from time immemorial.
And let us tell you bluntly, like old soldiers not knowing the words of love: you are not a talent, Your Majesty - you are a genius!
Because writing monographs and nurturing graduate students is what everybody can - but to bring up a whole scientific school, unmistakably recognizable at all the congresses by how its members drink "from the elbow" to the beautiful ladies – that's a different thing! That's true Legacy in Science!
Summing up, we wish YOU that everyone, and for a long, long time!

A Laboratory That Adores You.

September 24, 2011 is the 75th birthday of Professor Alexandr Pavlovich Rasnitsyn – an outstanding zoologist and paleontologist, and the acknowledged leader of the Russian school of paleoentomology.... full text>>>