Born November 23, 1983 in Moscow. In 2007, graduated from Moscow State University, Geological Faculty, Department of Paleontology.
From 2004 to 2008 - laboratory assistant, since 2008 - junior scientific staff of Arthropod Laboratory of Borissiak Paleontological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Scientific interests:

Systematics and phylogenetic relationships of fossil mecopteroid insects.
Entomofaunas in the Permian and Triassic.


In press:


  1. Bashkuev A., Sell J., Aristov D., Ponomarenko A., Sinitshenkova N., and Mahler H. (2012) Insects from the Buntsandstein of Lower Franconia and Thuringia. Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 86 (2): 175-185.
    [DOI] [PDF]
  2. Bashkuev A.S. (2011) The earliest Mesopsychidae and revision of the family Mesopanorpodidae (Mecoptera). In: Shcherbakov D.E., Engel M.S., Sharkey M.J. (Eds) Advances in the Systematics of Fossil and Modern Insects: Honouring Alexandr Rasnitsyn. ZooKeys, 130: 263-279.
    [Open access]
  3. Bashkuev A.S. (2011) Nedubroviidae, a new family of Mecoptera: the first Paleozoic long-proboscid scorpionfies. Zootaxa, 2895: 47-57.
  4. Bashkuev, A.S. (2010) New scorpionflies (Insecta: Mecoptera: Permochoristidae) from the Ufimian of Cisuralia. Paleontological Journal. 44 (3): 291-296.
    [DOI] [PDF]
  5. Ren D., Labandeira C.C., Santiago-Blay J.A., Rasnitsyn A., Shih Ch.-k., Bashkuev A., Logan M.A.V., Hotton C.L., and Dilcher D. (2009) A probable pollination mode before angiosperms: Eurasian, long-proboscid scorpionflies. Science 326: 840-847.
    [DOI] [PDF and Supporting Online Material]
  6. Bashkuev A.S. (2008) The first record of Kaltanidae (Insecta: Mecoptera: Kaltanidae) in the Permian of European Russia. Paleontological Journal. 42 (4): 401-405.
    [DOI] [PDF]
  7. Aristov D.S. and Bashkuev A.S. (2008) New insects (Insecta: Mecoptera, Grylloblattida) from the Middle Permian Chepanikha locality (Udmurtia). Paleontological Journal. 42 (2): 159-165.
    [Abstract] [PDF]


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